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Hand Blown Glass 

 100% Hand Blown Glass by Artisans

100% Recycled Glass 

 Sustainably sourced products


Our Enclosed Terrariums are Perfect to Create Your Own Ecosystem

Made in Europe 

 Our Glassware is Supplied by Mica Decorations from the Netherlands

Our Baskets are Handcrafted by Our Talented Artisans in Bangladesh

Discover the art of Bangladesh and its influence on our Baskets.

Learn about the craftsmanship behind our Baskets and the inspiration behind each piece.

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Check out our exclusive designs

Explore our top-selling Baskets, Macramé Hangers, Terrariums, and Metal Stands. Handcrafted and unique pieces that will elevate your Garden Center and House Plants

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Booth: Building 2, Floor 9, Showroom 9A32
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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